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Moscow women - Russia

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Irinka from Russia 29 y.o.
I am truly romantic Russian woman, my heart can start melting from compliments or flowers, and I am lovely as well as I fall in love on 100% and my heart is easy to break. I would like to be an ideal…

Age: 29 y/o
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faiz from Russia 31 y.o.
so sample man looking for every think nice and good its easy to find

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Busiess Owner / Insurance
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Ivanna from Russia 29 y.o.
I am easy-going and frank Russian girl. I can find common language with anyone thanks to my negotiation skills. I like to cope with different tasks like arranging birthday party for my friends or help…

Age: 29 y/o | Job: Student
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Margarita from Russia 30 y.o.
I am faithful, honest, romantic and passionate Russian woman. I understand that we all have a past and can go from this day forward and not judge or blame as I will do the same for you I take you as y…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Yuliandra from Russia 29 y.o.
I do not like to argue and always try to do my best in all! I am a leader, I think and I like to lead people. I am always polite, cheerful, respectful, responsible Russian woman. I like to tell the tr…

Age: 29 y/o
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Tatyana from Russia 28 y.o.
I am slim, very fit, athletic Russian girl. I eat well natural foods and have interest in natural health and traditional medicine. Spiritual with connection the the land and nature. I am humorous and…

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Student
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Natalya from Russia 30 y.o.
I am honest, loyal and caring Russian girl. I believe in family and traditional values. I am a good and goal oriented person. I don’t like to complain and I always try to find out a way out from any d…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Student
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Viktoriya from Russia 29 y.o.
As a person I am purposeful, good listener, open minded, analytical and interested in learning new things Russian girl. I hope you could figure out my good and bad sides as person, since I cannot tell…

Age: 29 y/o
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Kseniya from Russia 28 y.o.
I have a very creative and kind personality. I'm communicative, caring, loving and supportive Russian woman. I'm a person of one love, I appreciate loyalty in relations. I think that communication bet…

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Business
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Anna from Russia 27 y.o.
I think that I'am an understanding Russian woman, open to the world and the other people, respecting everyone, provided everyone respect me as well. As I have an independent character, I cannot be tie…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Evgenia from Russia 29 y.o.
I like a little space sometimes and am prepared to allow you the same consideration, for most of all I would like you to feel free to become what you really can be: To be yourself for that is the most…

Age: 29 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Marina from Russia 27 y.o.
Age: 27 y/o | Job: Lawyer
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Oksana from Russia 27 y.o.
I am a serious Russian girl but I temper that seriousness with a smile, a good sense of humor and a quick wit. I like my quiet times when I can lose myself in a good book or a good movie. I like good…

Age: 27 y/o
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Yuliya from Russia 28 y.o.
I'm a confident and intelligent Russian woman, aware of my forces and weaknesses, always striving to improve myself. Kind and tolerant, and nobody close to me asks for a helping hand in vain.

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Communications
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Anastasiya from Russia 29 y.o.
Age: 29 y/o | Job: Physician
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Darina from Russia 30 y.o.
I am very kind, respectful Russian woman who is looking for a life partner to share those beautiful moments in life with and hopefully start a family with. I am looking for someone sweet, loving, kind…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Student
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Inna from Russia 29 y.o.
Age: 29 y/o | Job: Politics
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Svetlana from Russia 27 y.o.
I am an optimistic Russian girl with a very positive thinking. I like to gift smile and positive mood to people who surround me. I am cheerful and charming. I like when people are honest and sincere w…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Travel Agent
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Aliya from Russia 28 y.o.
Age: 28 y/o
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Viktoria from Russia 29 y.o.
I am nice Russian woman, very communicative but always serious about finding good man. What makes me unique is unlimited love to life, maybe because of my passion nature. I am tender, gracious, loving…

Age: 29 y/o | Job: Lawyer
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Anya from Russia 26 y.o.
I am positive ,hard working, respectful, polite, caring, honest, loving Russian woman, I have no drama in my life everything is good. Also a cool person and lay back no problems, no games, no baggage,…

Age: 26 y/o
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Irina from Russia 28 y.o.
I am a true lady. I have outstanding family values manners and morals. I am strong minded but not overbearing, I am serious about the important things in life. But I am kind and sensitive to those in…

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Business
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Vera from Russia 27 y.o.
I am passionate Russian woman, I am self-confident yet down-to-earth and well-mannered. I am not looking for someone perfect, just a man who will love me for who I am and who will let me love him the…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Student
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Jaky from Russia 29 y.o.
I am very romantic, honest, easygoing, considerate, faithful Russian woman, fun in many important ways and very smart. I can be an excellent friend too. I hoping to meet a life partner on this websit…

Age: 29 y/o
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Ann from Russia 27 y.o.
I'm very kind and caring Russian girl, I love to create warmth and comfort around me and my close people, to make my home cozy and nice. I have sense of humor and I like to have fun and enjoy life. I'…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Office Manager