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In the crazy rhythm of life, every day we are trying to change something, create a certain image, achieve success in careers, visit the swimming pool and a fashionable fitness classes, hoping to make oneself ideal. Read and listen to the advice of friends, how to find love. But we also suffer from mental dissatisfaction and emptiness of any ailments and diseases, though to visit the doctor. The reason for all this is in relation to oneself. On our Russian dating club you will find a lot of useful advice how to improve this situation.

How to change the attitude to yourself, and how to love yourself? Some time ago, this question would cause confusion and frustration. Such a question would be perceived as selfishness, but now everything has changed. To love yourself is the right way to the happiness. To live a full and happy life, to experience the satisfaction and love to the world, we must first love ourselves. And then the other people will also apply to us - with respect and love.

Many people live with an indifferent and often negative attitude to their selves. They do not notice that they have a bad mood because of this. It is necessary to understand the reasons and try to change everything for the better.

The main problems are:

• Very often we allow other people to use us, and we just can not refuse them.

• We give up without a fight in career growth, and give all interesting projects to the inexperienced colleagues, suggesting that they can better cope with the task.

• We feel a sense of discomfort and embarrassment due to the usual praise or compliment.

• Give up, not even trying to achieve some goal, assuming that, we can not afford it.

But how to cope with all these difficulties? On the site http://angelika-club.com you will find some tips, which will help you love yourself.

• Praise yourself. This should be done not only for some serious deeds, but also for any little thing. For example, for reading the book, for refusing from candy or a variety of other actions.

• To look in the mirror with pleasure. Women and men, who are dissatisfied with their appearance, often avoid looking in the mirror. We need to overcome this fear, and look in the mirror with a smile and admiration - in such a way you can improve the attitude towards you, taking your appearance and body as the ideal.

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• Learn how to manage your feelings. Get rid of negative emotions: fear, anger, resentment. Remove anger assist physical exercise, but you can just yell in order to discharge your body. Resentment arises when we do not get those things that we have expected. I want one, but it turned out differently. We must learn how to find a compromise between the expected things and the result that are obtained. Freedom from fear will reach the intended target. Scroll to the head the most terrible of the possible scenarios, and take for granted - a sense of fear will not bother you in nearest future.

When we are free from surrounding negatives, only then we have an opportunity to feel free and enjoy every single moment filled with love. Think about those things that evokes positive mood? Perhaps you just should watch comedy, receive gifts, and communicate with relatives. Do yourself a welcome gift, take a walk to the nearest park, enjoy the book, drink a cup of coffee.

We hope that this advice will be useful for you, and you will be able to find your love at our dating club. We wish you good luck and hope for the best. If you have any question you can always contact us!

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