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Exchanging messages with women in a creative way

Exchanging messages with women in a creative way

When you are communicating with women on online chats, make sure you create engaging conversations that will make her interested in you.

You have to realize that girls are selective in order to survive

Girls have hundreds options in their lives and you must realize that they cannot waste their time. You have to slowly but surely connect your life to theirs so they would make a place for you in their mental maps.

Always keep it fun and flirty

Women love to exchange sexually charged texting. Write her provocative messages like “I think I am still better-looking than you are” or “You know, I used to like you…”

What if she is not replying to your texts?

When she is not replying to your messages online, do not be persistent. A lot of guys are showing their neediness by sending her messages begging to get back to them. It will make things worse. Besides, usually reasons for not replying you are not connected to your person at all. It might be that she has gone to vacation, forgot her password, etc. She will get back to you sooner or later if initial conversation was engaging between you two. If you are exchanging texts, and she has disappeared suddenly, just call her up and see what happens.

Never laugh in texts

Laughs are women’s prerogative. Do not put silly smiles in your messages because it destroys tension between you two. Use dry, deadpan humor like James Bond used to do. Women find it attractive.

Showing approval or qualifying

Showing approval or qualifying is involved in any relationships at any stage. Lovers and married couples spend years proving each other that they deserve to be where they are. Approval game is a substantial element in any flirting. If you show on a flirting stage that you are qualifying her, you will always be one step ahead. Write her messages like “My friend saw you and thinks he knows you. Where do you really come from?” or “Do not tell me you love this TV series.” This subtle approval clues hook her and she will do her best to get your approval. Conversely, if she is trying to approve or qualify you, just ignore it. If she is being lame, gives you an attitude or just writes something you do not want to respond, never answer her back. You can always return to her with your messages in a week or so. You control what happens.

Texting the next day is fine considering the relationship and how needy you are coming across

Most dating teachers would probably advise you to wait three days before writing her back after some interaction have took the place and you both seem to be interested in each other. This is because you have to hide your neediness for her carefully. This is right, but texting a couple of times in-between also works because what you are doing is giving her an emotional value. Keep in mind that you are just saying “Hi” and nothing more. If you had fun together you can bust on how she behaved, or how great time it was. This little tiny interaction will make her thinking about you and actually miss you. Consider using provocative self-conscious texts like “Hey, stop thinking about me, I cannot sleep.“ Never overtly admit you are missing her even and especially when she is demanding that from you. Say instead that she has done a pretty good job in trying to get you to bed, but she has to put some more effort to succeed.

What do you do if a woman is trying to get something out of you?

If she is starting to get something from you while on a messaging stage of your interaction, just simply write her “Seems like you only here for using guys like me.” It works magnificently when you are denunciating women of something they are trying to get away with. It works especially well with attractive women because they are used to get away with anything in their lives using their good looks. If she is asking for something and you know for sure that she is somehow milking her request with her looks, say her “You know what; I would have probably done it right away, if you looked a trifle better than you look now.” While it may sound rude and mean, but attractive women would actually appreciate that, because you are standing out of the usual crowd of guys who are always needy for her attention.