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Four types of womens approach to communication

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All women can be broken down to essentially four types depending on how and why they are responding to men’s approach. This classification has nothing to do with Carl Gustav Jung’s personality types theory, which is more about whole psychosocial structure of any human being, men or women. This classification we about to give you is a very practical guide to how particular woman would respond generally to the average man approaching her, either in real life situation or even when she is only chatting and exchanging emails with him with a help of online dating webservices.

Revealing type

This is the type that is most frequently found in female kingdom. If you ask them what is most valuable thing in life, they will provide you with all the information, they will reveal themselves. They are open to talking and discussing their feelings and emotions. They may interpret all your words in what they sense and feel exactly, and you will be able to get a picture of who you are with.

Telltale signs of a revealing type:
  • - She feels comfortable discussing her emotions
  • - She is so eager to share her inner life that she is often interrupting you
How to stimulate women of this type:
  • - Ask her directly what she thinks and feels in any given situation
  • - Let her talk herself until she is turned on. Listen carefully and then use those words in what you are saying her back.
Concealing type

This is an opposite of a revealing type. They seem to be uncomfortable to discuss their deep inner processes with anybody. This is normally caused by previous troubled experience in encountering men. The simply fear to appear too funny or unintelligent. All middle class professional women are examples of a concealing type. They are disciplined, they are introverts of a most brittle and delicate kind. They value above all trust and confidence in men. They are often on the verge of being unbalanced and fear to show signs of complex psychological processes inside them to strangers.

Telltale signs of a concealing type:
  • -She will avoid questions about her values and tastes
  • - She will be listening to the stories you provide her will full attention
  • - She will often interrupt conversation if she is not interested
How to stimulate women of this type:
  • - Do not nose in her life and restrain yourself from questioning her
  • - Tell her all kinds of stories until she is warmed up. If you have managed to sustain her interest and she is starting to open up, this is a success
Contrarian type

Generally women of contrarian type will always tell you that you are wrong in everything you are saying her, that she is not who you think she is, that you know nothing about women’s feelings and emotions. They are often put on mask of aggressiveness; they are weeding out those men who cannot pass their tests.

Telltale signs of a concealing type:
  • - She will be eager to say that what you are saying is not true and she will find arguments to prove that she is right
  • - She may seem contemptuous and hostile
How to stimulate women of this type:
  • -When she is being aggressive, show your neglect for her aggressiveness, as if you are saying “c’mon, you are not that bad.” Mock her slightly with similar gestures she is using, until she understands how ridiculous her improper reactions might look
  • - Use “ Pink Elephant Principle” in what you are saying to her. That is, say that something is not like what she thinks. She will have to admit that it is. Salesmen often use this tactics with skeptical buyers. “You would love to ride in this car, don’t you?”
  • - Don’t give up too quickly; it’s just a common test, nothing personal
Sensuality type

Women of this type respond to any sensual stimulus or words as overwhelming. They are touchy and highly reflective of everything as far as senses are concerned. They are dying to hear more and more about physical, sensual pleasures of life. They are always ready to be touched and they are waiting for it. The extreme case of this type is a nymphomaniac. They are very aware of a variety of sensual pleasures and excitements they bring. They may feel uncomfortable in discussing “common” values like “connection,” “relationships,” etc.

Telltale signs of a sensuality type:
  • -She will be especially focused of descriptions of physical pleasures
  • - She may quickly become bored when discussing emotional, not sensual life
How to stimulate women of this type:
  • - Use as much descriptions filled with sensuality, talk overtly about sex
  • - You can quickly transition your date with this woman to a physical stage

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