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Guideline for texting women

How to avoid wrong girls

How to set a proper tone while exchanging text messages

Set a flirtatious, playful and cheerful tone. Be succinct, witty and funny. Be seductive. Overall tone should be emotional instead of logical. Defy all the reasoning and play it out. Women create emotional connection, not logical.

How to make your texting exchange short, funny and simple

Do not always provide her with all the information you have got. You will make her missing you out by not being with you physically. Texting is not the goal, but just a preparation for a meeting in real life. The rule of thumb would be not answering her questions. Keep practicing creating short texts spiced up with wit and emotionally charged words. If you are complimenting her, make it twisted, like, for example “You are being fun…so far” or “When you are not complaining about your life you are being quite cute” or reverse of this “You are so beautiful…if only you could have stopped complaining.”

How to get a girl to reply back to your messages

Nowadays every girl knows when it’s a flirting game via text messages and she will most probably recognize that and will reply back to you. However, a lot of women had a bad experience via texting so do not rely solely on texting. But the best way to get a reply is to ask a good old questions or create some funny message that is flirty and witty and has a pull for her to respond. For example you may want to suggest her cooking together. “If you do not want to cook you can always watch me cook.” Most girls would answer something playful like “Aha, I will be watching you” Shoot her back “Hm, I don’t know if I would be scared or turned on.” This kind of conversation is just an exhilarating fun for girls because it’s both funny and flirtatious.

Hot to get passed a girl’s defenses

Never let her anyhow intimidate you or make you show your low self-esteem. Girls are looking for clues what kind of a guy you are and will see if you back down to her. Girls appreciate when men are standing their ground and always in control. Make sure to project this attitude with your messages.

What to do if a girl is not behaving properly

Don’t be tolerating to girls’ second-class behavior. If girl is evidently acting like dumb or she is in only for money, just move to the next one. Write her “Oh, I see you are desperately trying to get over your last boyfriend, good luck with that.” Value your time and not waste it on those girls who are not worth it.

How to avoid wrong girls

You deserve only the best girls. Always work on improving yourself and understanding female psychology. If you want to have girls of higher quality around you, deep in your guts you must be sure you deserve them. Listen to what your intuition speaks to you about a girl you are communicating, and if the girl passes test, continue with her. If not, just move on.

How to create comfort and closeness via texting

Message to her as if you have been friends for ages. Talk to her as if she is right there.

Most girls are natural followers and respond to what you do and say. You must be comfortable in order for her to be comfortable. You can always say almost anything to your friends and never care what they think. Treat girls like your friends. Listen to her and ask her questions on what she is talking about, this is relaxing for girls.

Do not text back immediately

You have great weapon when it comes to texting – time. Do not respond immediately, wait 10-15 minutes, it creates suspense and anticipation and charges your messages with energy. Besides, you are showing you are busy and she has to work in order to get your attention.

Should I text her or should I call her?

Texting a girl prior to calling and just saying “Hello” would give both of you a better feeling. Telephone is such an absorbing device, it tends to take all the energy of the speaker and it’s quite a waste of human resources that distracts those who speaks from the outside world. That is why many girls are never picking up phones, while they can easily answer to texts. When you are saying “Hi” via text message, you are not having a proper communication, you are just reminding her of you, and so she will have a place in her mind for you.