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How to avoid Russian Internet dating scams

Internet dating scams

It is not a secret at all that online dating started taking more place in the life of single people than the real one, especially when it comes to dating with the lady from another country or even continent. Luckily, I was the one who decided to use trusted dating service on the Internet. But my first question was how I could avoid fake people and scams. Before I started using one of the reliable websites for making families with the ladies from Russia, I had found out how to identify Russian Internet dating scams in order to make the process of online dating as safe as possible. The first thing I did was creating my personal account after reading lots of different reviews. I entered my e-mail address and got verified after I sent the request. The verifying process is the filter number one that identifies fake people, robots, and similar things. After I finally got my account I started adding photos and videos of mine. Then I decided to search for a real girl using advanced search engines on russianscamalert.com. Personally, I think there are lots of good, sincere, beautiful and honest single women from Russia that are looking for foreign love. But it is also not a surprise there can be people that want my money or some information that shouldn’t be revealed. In order to not get caught in such bad situations, I discovered how I could avoid scams on dating website.

So how I manage to solve these problems and found a stunning wife?

• Dating for a long time. Some people don’t believe that online dating services, such as russianscamalert.com are very useful and help people from all around the world to meet each other. Normally, they can’t organize everyday meetings in the park because of the distance but, in my opinion, they are good for dating. Personally, I have the feeling that dating shouldn’t last very short – two people need to have more time to become closer, whether it is online dating or not. Dating scams from Russia usually fall in love very quickly, which is the first sign you have a chance to get into the trap of them.

As I noticed, the process of dating with real lady might take some time due to the sensitivity of Russian women – they are a little bit afraid of speaking out their inner feelings.

• Paying attention to messages from women. There were a few times when I got unknown messages from women. It is important to go to the profile of the woman who made a decision to contact you first and take a short look at her profile in order to identify whether she is a scam or not. I agree that there are also real women who take the initiative in their hands and send a message first. But in most cases, women just are seeking for a man who will respond to their message. They attract men at the very beginning and catch them in their trap.

• Avoid women who require money. The most common Russian scams are the ones who start chatting on different online dating services in order to require money from foreign men. In fact, due to the security system of russianscamalert.com the number of such ladies is being reduced in order to make dating process more real without scams. How I managed to identify and avoid these women? Firstly, they always ask about your job and income. Later on, they start asking about willing to visit your country, maybe even meet with you, but not having enough money to do that. This is why it is important to notice such behaving, write to the support of online website in order to block such Russian girl.

Avoiding Russian scams requires particular knowledge in online dating sphere. When you discover and study about that more, you can feel free communicating with ladies because you will be able to identify scams.