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How to describe emotions erotically?


Whether you are communicating online with woman or meeting with her in a real world, this is crucial to point her direction of how you picture your future relationships. The more vivid picture you will create the better chances you will have with this woman. How do you know if a woman is ready for relationships or sexual interaction? You may want to consider using special conversational techniques that will trigger her feelings.

Use erotic metaphors

Erotic metaphors are speech figures, analogies, imaginary parallels that imply mechanical qualities that are normally correspond to sexual activities. Practice in describing any event as suggesting penile insertion. Which words would you use? “Penetration,” “entering,” “pushing inside,” “pierce through,” “saturate the void,” etc.

Examples of using metaphor of penis penetrating a vagina:

“My connection to you is like cord entering a slot of a machine all-too-ready to accept it. As if the machine reacts with joy and excitement when it is penetrated by hard unyielding cord.”

You can use such metaphors in any context suggested by her or made up by you.

“I was wondering if you ever felt that overwhelming feeling of something exciting coming inside you and filling a void.”

Consider suggesting moistening and lubrication of female genitals with a subsequent opening up of vagina with a help of erotic metaphors:

“We all feel so good sometimes that warmth is starting to pulsate through our bodies. Pulsating is initiated in the heart and emits warm waves that melt the tissues inside our bodies until it opens hidden inner gates that ready to smoothly allow new and wondrous sensations to enter them.”

Erotic metaphors describing oral sex:

The same metaphorical treatment can be applied to oral sex procedures. Women are usually fond of oral sex, though socially they may never admit it, and, sometimes, they hide this passion for themselves as well.

Use words like “sucking,” “drinking,” “sliding,” “immersing in a white foam,” etc.

Consider using a description of a third person you might have known:

“I had a female friend once who confessed me that she is feeling an ultimate connection with a person when she can drink up his energy that flows from inside his body. As if you want to eat up his energy, to swallow his self, and leave the taste of it inside your mouth. Emotionally, she meant.” Or “When I was walking along the ocean I often fantasized how wonderful and overwhelming it could me to immerse in the white foam, to kneel down on your knew take the ocean in your hands and swallow the salty substance. Close your eyes and drink its watery contests until you are satisfied. You have been filled in; you have become connected with the wild power of the water element. This is fascinating thing to experience, isn’t it?”

You can suggest erotic or orgasmic response, using words like “explosion,” “implosion,” “heatwaves,” “spasmodic contractions,” etc.

“I feel true satisfaction when, you know, something is exploding inside of you. Whole your body is shuttered and sends waves right to your heart. The experience you feel is so profound that you start to see northern lights shimmering in your imagination. Big hole in your body opened to allow warm waves come inside and transform your body in a spasmodic organ. ”

Add a subtle body language to your descriptions

If you are transforming your descriptions into erotically charged metaphors, proper delivering and body language are crucial. When saying erotic metaphors, gesture slightly toward your crotch. Always keep a poker face; giggling and confusion being expressed will absolutely ruin your delivery. Erotic metaphors are really belong to a master level of sexual conversations. You have to pretend that you do not realize yourself that you are being suggestive, otherwise everything you say would look and sound like a bad joke from cheap romantic comedy with erotic undertones. Don’t look at her as if you are expecting some reaction or appraisal of your poetic qualities, just keep a straight face. This way you will not convey to her your sexual implications, as if the metaphor has just entered your mind naturally. Women listening to you will make the entire imaginary job themselves; they will interpret things you are saying. Women’s feelings work differently than men’s. Every word you are saying to her is filling immediately with a complex implications, impressions and experiences she has accumulated.