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How to flirt with women

How to flirt with women

Unless you are superstar, you have to spark attraction in women in order to advance in sexual communication.

To get interest of a woman you must speak to something in her that will ignite her natural desires being hidden under her social “self.” Before getting to “closer” stages of sexual approach you have to start with something to get sexual chemistry ignited. There are various sets of openers that may help, but the oldest and really best-working method is flirting . Why is that so? Women are naturally responsive to flirting. They speak flirting, smell flirting when it is approaching and feel flirting. Good flirting bypasses “thinking” part of the consciousness and communicates directly with subconsciousness and unconsciousness. A lot of men give up flirting at the early puberty period of their lives, either making up decision that flirting is “not a true masculinity approach” or, which is more often a case, because they failed. After women had reacted coldly to their flirting, those guys may have decided that they are either do not possess sense of humor, or not intelligent enough or simply they are not being attractive. The truth is, however, that they simply did something wrong in flirting. If you know flirting like your five fingers, if flirting is your second nature, any woman couldn’t help but succumb, at least for a short time. Once you start practicing flirting and will understand how chemistry between man and woman works, something absolutely magical will happen. Women will be sexually responding to you in a variety of ways. They will be flirting back to you, and your relationships with them will get status of lovers rather than just nice friends and acquaintances.

Basic social interaction vs flirting

Every woman knows very well how to distinguish between merely social communication and flirting that involves sexual undertones. For every representative of human species this is obvious to understand instantly when “serious,” ”social” communications stop and game starts. We all had learned in early childhood to play games. Flirting is just the same – it’s a game. Think of flirting as game of communication, and women will be responding to you according the rules of the game that they know so well.

Consider the difference between these two lines one can say when approaching an attractive woman: “Hey, beautiful thing, you look so alone, can we talk for a while?” and “Hah, looks like you men around too shy to approach you, so I decided to entertain you a bit.” In the first example you are being serious and your intentions are clear, you are being one of the thousands needy men that she has encountered. In the second example, you are being ironic and playful, mocking and teasing. For her it is obvious that you are gaming even if she doesn’t have very good sense of humor. Women will respond to that.

What makes flirting work

Basically, any flirting communication, either in real life or in virtual reality, on online dating websites, involves certain set of entities primarily important to every woman, like “relationships,” “marriage,” “having a boyfriend,” “spending night together,” but those are being delivered in such a context that mere mentioning of those makes whole situation absurd and humorous.

If you approach a girl and ask her “What time is now?” and add after she has answered you what the time really is “Uff, it’s too early for us to get to know each other better.” This would be a perfect flirting.

Practice makes perfect

If you too shy to initiate communication with women, consider practicing flirting and getting to understand how it works in the environment where women are supposed to approach you - in cafes, airplanes, social services or hospitals. Twist every sentence she is shooting at you in a flirting way. If waitress approaches you and says that they do not have drink of choice for today, say her back: “Now our relationships is over.” Watch carefully her reactions; you will see how surprisingly good it works for a short time. If you are being in a plane and see attractive attendant approaching your seat, ask her “Excuse me, miss, when are we going to land? I feel like I am getting too close to you every time you are passing by.” The more you practice the better you would get science of flirting.

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