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How to Flirt with Women online


Many people claim there’s a formula for flirting with women. They write how to guides. Most likely, those guides will contain valuable information, but by the end of the day it also boils down to personality. Knowing how to flirt is important as it opens the door to getting to know women and they’ll have more fun with you, but by the end of the day there needs to be chemistry too. So use the advice, in this article and elsewhere about how to flirt with women, but remember that no matter what being comfortable about who you are and living a life you love, makes you incredibly attractive!

So, the starting point is getting a life you love. Or work towards that goal. The passion in working towards that goal and viewing yourself as a hero fighting for your goals (as opposed to someone who isn’t where they want to be in life), will make you incredibly attractive too.

When it comes to actual flirting, first of all approach women flirtatiously, but remember that coming on too strong is a turn off. Women want to see if you are interested in their personality, or just their looks. They also want to know you won’t just date anyone - that you take time to get hooked. Everyone loves genuine compliments, but they want to feel they are earned as well. So don’t rush it and if you feel resistance, take a step back. There’s nothing worse than a man at a party who walks up to a woman and attaches himself to her. Let her know you are on your way somewhere, whether getting a drink, or finding a friend, and can’t chat for too long. That will make her relax.

Secondly, if you’re approaching someone online, make sure it’s via a message. Also make sure to mention something you liked about their profile, or ask a question about it, to let them know you cared enough to read it. Keep the message short and light, but give them something to reply to, like a question.

As the conversation continues, whether in real life, or online, ask interesting and quirky questions, tease and challenge, compliment and laugh, but keep it at a pace where they know you aren’t rushing in, but evaluating your options. And at every turn in the road, be respectful. Whether you’re just having flirtatious fun, or looking for a relationship, you have to respect the person you’re engaging with.

When it comes to date nights, take charge when you’re the one arranging the date. Find out what she loves through conversation, but don’t ask her to plan the date for you. Think about who she is and what she loves and plan the date around that. Seeing you cared enough to go to a seafood restaurant by the beach because she loves the ocean, is a definite plus point. And coming up with dates that are more original than dinner and movies another. If you’re out of ideas, use Google.

In other words, when it’s your turn to plan a date, be decisive.

That gentlemen, is how to flirt with women!