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How to flirt with women via messaging

How to flirt with women

Flirting is a crucial skill in exchanging messages, either via online dating websites or via telephone messages. We suggest you consider following concepts and examples that would help you to master you flirting skills.

Do not be nice

Kindness is a good thing, but being nice is a failure when it comes to flirting. Women use word “nice” describing a guy to show that they are not impressed. “X is a nice fella, but he is not right for me.” Use “nice” when you want to tease her instead because she will quickly recognize her own vocabulary. “It was nice to hang out with you.” She will take it as if you made a friend out of her instead of a potential lover, and game is on.

Flirt in a way that would set you up for an exciting night

This technique works when you have known a girl already. Start making your way early in the day so in the evening she will be up to meeting you. Say a couple of catchy funny things so you will be logistically in her mind. When you later call her you can continue the pass you’ve made.

Creating sparks of interest and leave

Text her something abstract, like “You’re fun; I bet you lead an exciting life.” Whatever she shoots you back, say “Oh, so I thought. That says a lot about you.”

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Implementing all the laws of persuasion

- Social proof: “I am hanging out with friends, wanna join us?”

- Scarcity: “I am being for only one evening in your city, wanna join me for a drink?”

- Urgency: “I need to talk to you.” You will stay on her mind all the time until you have actually talked.

Setting it up that she is pursuing you

Or that she is desperately trying to get you to bed. “What? You are trying to seduce me?” Implying that she is wanton is a great way to have sexually charged exchange.

Letting her know you are the real man

If she says that you are being good at something, always say “Of course I am good!” Real men are always confident. They always own it. If you say something like “Nah, I am not good, it was sheer luck,” you will lose it immediately. Remember, girls are testing you with every word they say.

Role reversals

Reversing the roles is the great flirting technique. Reversing means that you are implementing on her qualities that normally are associated with men’s role in relationships. Consider phrase like “Are you sure you are going to make enough money to support both of us?” Or “Did you take care of feeding a cat this morning?” Girls’ favorite games are pretending and family role-playing. Bring this familiar feeling back to her and you will charge your messaging exchange. It’s a lot of fun and sets a good mood.

Twisting her words up and finding a double meaning

Always look for a double meaning in her words, especially sexually charged meanings. This is really handy technique because there a lot of words and context certain words are used which can be understood like having sexual undercurrent, and not necessarily in a perverse way. If she is writing you “I am going take a bath right now,” write her back “But I didn’t invite you to my bath, I barely know you.” It will make her laugh. Anytime girl laughs or puts “Haha” in her messages is a telltale sign that she has some interest in you.

Always sign your messages with your name

Make sure always leave a signature first time you are texting a girl. It will save you a lot of time explaining who you are.

Try to leave messaging interaction first

If you are leaving a conversation it means you have a legitimate right to continue any time you like. You can do that in the evening of the same day, or next day without excusing yourself.

Talk to women in a fun way with no agenda

Make a habit to write messages to women as if you are “just talking” and not arranging something important like people usually do in exchanging business messages. If you want to be interesting for women, be interested in conversations with them. Instead of writing dry, business-like messages, write humorous, witty, funny texts that would engage her and make conversation enjoyable. Do not interview her, but appear to be genuinely interested in what she is.

Build rapport and connection

Relate in your texts to something you both have experienced together. If you met attractive but clumsy girl in the airport and exchanged contacts with her, write her after some time “Hey, I am looking for a girl that got lost in the airport.” This relates to the connection you has in a real world and accuses her in a funny way about what she has done.

Always value your time

Let women know that by keeping your conversations short and setting a time limit for them.