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How to pass women’s tests

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We live in the world that is getting faster and faster everyday. In the modern life’s circumstances we do not have time to get to know people who surround us, so we make quick impression on those people, figuring out who they really are. Testing men is the best and shortest way for women to find out who he is, is he worth dating, flirting, short-term or long-term relationships. Even is women are talking online, either on online dating webservices or social networks, they are talking to a complete stranger, who may not even be a man at all. Still women are testing them online. The secret of the female passion for testing lies in evolution of female species. Millions of years of development made women very picky in men. Women are figuring out who is worth spending time with, let alone having a sexual affair with.

If you wrote her first online or approached her in the crowded bar, she is immediately executing testing machine, which will help her figure out whether you are a real deal or just another needy lone male person who is desperately trying to get attention or get laid.

Use women’s test to increase her level of attraction to you

If you are prepared to women’s test and know how to use them, you may only become her mate or friend, the attraction to you as a man will be increased dramatically. Remember scenes in the movies where women bitching on men while the latter are completely calm and self-possessed, the attitude that turns women from an aggravated bitch to the tamed kitty? That is exactly how it works. If you keep your strong masculine personality and do not give in to her tests, she will be all yours.

How women are listening to what you are answering them

Women always interpret everything, either you are typing her message on a keyboard to send via online chat, or you are making speech in front of her, every word and those spaces between words will be severely interpreted by women who is trying to figure out and make up her mind to get the whole picture of you. If you will understand how to speak in codified messages instead of being direct and explicit, you will make it on women’s territory.

Modes of behavior that are working when women test you

Not all of these techniques are applicable to any situation, they should be leveled with humor and intelligence and delivered properly, but in combination they always work.

- There are no downsides and shortcomings

- I do not care about the outcome of my interaction with women

- I am very fastidious and choosy. She is privileged to be allowed to talk to me

- She is after me sexually, but I will not give in to her quickly, I will be teasing her forever

- Even though I think she is an exceptional woman who is worth a dating game or long-term relationships, she has to prove it first, and she is better try hard

- Steal her testing attitude. Women are very aware of their power of attraction, and when you act like you have cracked her code, your roles reverse. Women know hot to become cold suddenly, so do the same. Women are experts in teasing, so tease them in return. Sexy women are manipulative, so manipulate them as well. Most women would love to see you behaving exactly like they do, even when they never show you how impressed they are and play frustration. She will turn into the type a lot of guys are destined to have - being a confused uncomfortable child who doesn’t know what to do facing powerful force

- Be a challenge and play hard to get

- Give her mixed signals. Two steps ahead and one step back. You will be messing with her vibes, and women love to be messed up. In fact, it’s their natural state, so when you messing with them and giving mixed signals, you tune to their frequency

- Be mysterious and vague. Never answer her direct question about your life. Like where you work, what do you read, which music do you like, whether you are homosexual.

On every direct question answer vaguely and bust her instead

- Passing her tests is similar to play poker. Always bluff and keep a poker-face.

- Do not be predictable and boring, never let the tension go. If you do not know what to say, just go away, she will follow you

- Do not act like you feel insecure when she is testing you. If you show that you are confused with her tests, you lose the game