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How to prepare for getting physical with women


Have you ever wanted to kiss a woman, but then been unable to do so because you didnt know how to go about it? Have you ever sopped going further than kissing because you were worried that being more sexual might offend her and screw whole thing up? Has the risk of rejection ever stopped you from even trying to be sexually aggressive? Have you ever been making out with a woman only to have her stop at some point and say I think we should wait, or this is too fast, I like to take it slowly, etc. Most of us have been in these situations. Men are expected to lead the way through the entire series of physical steps: holding her hand, kissing her, rubbing her body, etc. This also means the man has to take every risk along the entire advancement to sex-which, perversely, gives the woman the power to reject him at any point along the way. The man is fully at risk, and if he screws up he doesnt just get a setback, he loses all chances forever. At least this is the way it seems to most...

Why most men are failing in sexual communication?

But you do not have to do that. Reality is that if you understand how sexual communication and arousal work for women, you can avoid most of these issues, and virtually eliminate these problems. There is a universal mistake that men make... and this one mistake probably leads to more resistance and rejection than any other one they make. The average man fails because he behaves as if he is trying to get something from her, when simply using this secret language would demonstrate that she could get great pleasure from a man. Stop acting like youre trying to get from her something. Start demonstrating in the language women understand that theyre going to get great pleasure from you. You can build a small start gradually all the way up to the highest levels of sexual arousal.

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Speak the language of anticipation

Speak the language of anticipation and gradual building up understood by all women. A woman will only do something theyve already seen themselves doing in their mind first. In other words, until a woman has first imagined in her mind being with you sexually and have enjoyed this thought already, she wont do it. You have to make way to her consciousness via her subconsciousness and unconsciousness. When you tease, use anticipation, and amplify sexual arousal, youll create emotions which will automatically bring her imagination to a variety of vivid pictures of the two of you together. Men dont have this issue, because they can objectify the female body, become sexually aroused in seconds, and have sex with a blow up sheep doll if theres one handy. Men are like light switches while women are more like volume knobs. You need to turn women all the way up before theyre in the same “on position you are. Study how to make women feel good! Creating total confidence that shes going to feel amazing will lead you both forward.

Projecting sexual awareness through your behavior

All your behavior, and everything you communicate through it, must show a sexually aware, confident man whos going to make her feel incredible. Wanting to be liked can be an actors biggest problem because it distracts them from doing what they really need to do in order to play their role properly. Same with men. You need to be able to control yourself and do what you know is right, even in the face of uncertainty and emotional turmoil. Dont try to be liked... just turn her on!

Two step forward, one step backwards

This is the most important key to amplifying attraction and sexual arousal with women. Start early! The setup for powerful physical electricity that leads to passionate kissing and sex can begin right away, and is affected by even seemingly insignificant things. For instance, if she comes to your house, then leaving the house quickly sets up a magnetic curiosity and comfort shell want to explore later... Likewise, not taking advantage of more than just a kiss if you can, creating anticipation by making suggestions but then not doing them... making her think about it until it happens unexpectedly and she can be swept away by it. Another technique is stopping things, especially when you couldnt do anything about it anyway.