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How to turn on any girl

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The art of sexual games requires some practice. For girls sex is not as immediate as for men. When guy sees Victoria secret’s magazines, he primarily watches the models and maybe underwear, and girls are watching dresses, colors, hairdos, positions of the bodies. Girls live full sensual lives, incorporating all five senses while guys are thinking visually. One second of looking at the attractive woman is enough for a man to be turned on. If girl smiles at a guy, guy thinks she wants him, while when guy sees at girl, girl thinks he is being just nice and friendly. This is because of all these differences, to turn on the girl requires some waiting, anticipation and patience on the part of a man.

Girls like to get advanced slowly, step by step. If you set a date with her, do not tell her that you are going to have a grand time and start describing in great details what you both going to experience. She could be put off by that, too overwhelmed. Start with little. Consider following various techniques of making girls turned on.

Stimulate her senses

1. Start touching her slowly using tips of your forefingers. Run them over her hands, legs, neck, back like sailing ship is running on the water. Do not go for her breasts, hips or ass, build up anticipation.

2. When you kiss her, kiss her very lightly, almost strikingly, caress her lips with yours. Then make a pause and kiss her shoulders and neck until you see that she is really being turned on. Suck her lips, but gently. Lick like cats do her neck, lips and shoulders. Imagine yourself tasting some delicious dish bit by bit.

3. Feed her with traditional berries and fruits associated with sexual pleasures. Like strawberries, cherries. Feed her little bits of things that are sexy. Try chocolate, champagne. You can use “Kama Sutra Oil,” which you can find in local stores. Put some of this substance on your finger and make her lick it.

4. Smell her like animals do during foreplay. Make sure to smell for a fair amount of time, like several minutes. Do not interrupt with anything, just smell her. Say her “You smell wonderful,” she will feel it on a gut level.

5. Increment sensual details in your foreplay talk. Feed her with detailed descriptions how you feel her sexuality. “Your skin is like a velvet, I sense the warmth glowing in your stomach.” Women love hearing those sensual details.

6. Further verbal stimulation can include detailed descriptions of how you are going to make up with her sexually. Whisper your description in her right ear. Use a breezy, deep, tender tone of voice. “Wouldn’t it be exciting if my tongue was sliding over your neck and your breasts, wouldn’t it felt wonderful if you were caressed by soft strokes all over your body?” Women can’t help but eat up descriptions of feeling they might experience.

The trick is to mess up a little with her sensual centers. Women love to be confound when it comes to their sensual and emotional territory. Start one of the “sensual exercises” and then abruptly stop, then proceed again. This combination of intensity of sensual experience you are giving her and remoteness creates anticipation in her. In order to have great sex this anticipation is required. Your remoteness, on the other hand, will tease her even more, it is as if you do not need to desperately get laid, you could take it or leave it anytime. This whole process of turning her on may take up to half an hour, but this time is worth it. After all, women are often turning off forever if you go directly to satisfying your sexual desire without giving her a good foreplay. Remain your casual attitude until you notice telltale signs of her desperately wanting to have you enter her:

1. She starts to casually undress items of her clothing

2. She is slowly taking some of your clothes

3. Her hips are trembling and moving towards you

4. She is saying that she is “getting hot” or “immensely turned on”

5. She is nervously grabbing your hand and directing it to her breasts, hips, legs or crotch.

If you have created proper anticipation combined with stimulating all her sensual centers, one of these telltale signs will happen and that is time to start having a great sex.