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How to use body language to attract women


A lot of men are insecure about their tone of voice and ability to deliver the message verbally. This is crucial to be completely congruent when it comes to communicating with women. Luckily, there are other ways which one can use to engage in communication with women. At some point you will have to use your voice anyway, but the initial, most difficult stage of sparking sexual attraction will be passed.

The importance of body language in the communication process

As you've probably heard before, about ninety percent of your communication is your voice tone and body language, and only about ten percent is the words you use. Various studies show that women are ten times better than men when it comes to reading and communicating with subtleties of body language. Women can generally always tell what kind of mood another person is in just by looking at them. Your body language communicates almost everything to women. You need to pay attention to everything you do, from your posture and how you hold yourself to how you walk and which gestures you make.

Lift your chest upfront and lean back

Practice at home lifting your chest up and leaning your body slightly back when you are walking. This posture communicates to women your masculinity.

Note: When you make a picture for your possible online dating profile, this rule doesn’t work because you want to engage a viewer who looks at your picture in you, you want to show that you are open.

Align your body

Put together your thumb and forefinger on the hands when you are staying. This will make all muscles of your body aligned. Sexual energy flows only through perfectly aligned body.

Keep your shoulders always back when you are walking, move slowly and comfortably. Study “grace walk.” Watch how Sean Connery walks when he plays James Bond – this kind of walk is irresistible for most women.

Making a proper eye contact with women

Eye contact reveals how comfortable you are with yourself or how insecure you are with yourself. Hold initial eye contact until she looks away - demonstrate you are confident, masculine, sexually aware male and you are not going to give up your status. Blink and move your eyes more slowly than people usually do.

Communicate with your body posture that you are elusive

When you approach a woman, do not get intensely close to her as if you are going to eat her up right away. That is what most men do and women are getting used to that physical approach. It communicates to women that men are needy; they are desperate to get closer to her. On the other hand, if your body is postured like you are about to get out of her, like you are completely do not care whether she is happy to see you or not, it will make you the object that she has to pursue, not vice versa.

Enhancing performance of your voice tone

Deepen your voice; speak from your chest and stomach, not from your nose and mouth. Work on speaking deeper, slower, and using long pauses. Deliberate, articulate, rhythmic voices are very distinctive and attractive. The confidence these voices demonstrate is mesmerizing to women. If you think you've got a higher pitch voice and you're just stuck with it, you're wrong. You can lower your voice if you want to. Consider making following exercise: consciously draw air from deeper in your lungs, and consciously relearn the sound of your voice. In time the deeper voice will come all the way from the unconscious level.

Examples of flirting that include body language techniques

Consider following strategies of non-verbal flirting:

  • If woman makes some overtly expressive gesture, like raising her brow, do the same, mimic her, but in exaggerated way
  • If she did something clumsy or wrong, for example, her purse fell down, make the face expression like you are thinking she is impossible, as if she is not balanced enough to hold up her things properly. Shake your head like parents do or exhale, as if her actions make your forehead sweat. This can be applied to practically any situation when she did something improper, like crossing the road on a wrong light or if she cannot find her telephone/ keys/ lighter in her purse
  • Always behave like you can take her or leave her