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Men’s qualities most women find attractive

Men’s qualities most women find attractive

In order to successfully communicate in a sexual way with women, you just have to turn on those masculine powers you possess naturally. Powers that are irresistibly attractive for women. They are like muscles that require development to function properly. The more you cultivate them the better you will be when it comes to sexual communication.

Women are testing man constantly

Women are attracted to certain set of qualities in men, which they have learned to recognize immediately when they see any male approaching them. If you do not show these qualities to women, you are being immediately disqualified by them. They test you on a constant basis for being a representative of “a proper masculinity.” If you start failing at the start of their testing, which is from the moment she meets you either on online dating webservice or in real life, she will get more bitchy and hostile towards you and very soon you will find yourself dropped out of her world. If woman feels like she is not attracted to you anymore, she will immediately remove you from her mind and her life and will replace with another man, a man who is being sexually attractive to her.

Qualities in men women are looking for

It is crucial to communicate certain cues to women anytime you are being engaged in interaction with her, either via online dating webchat or when you meet her in real life. This is important to projecting these qualities. For this, we would recommend you to create online dating website profile just in order to be engaged in series of conversations with women. Internet allows you most important thing - time. You can wait before answering any of her messages. Besides, she is not able to see your body language cues that may betray you. All she sees in online dating webchat is the result of your mental work.

Masculine qualities and cues that are attractive for women are those:

  • Dominating and controlling behavior. Express dominating traits whenever possible. True masculine power is that of dominating tsar of his universe, completely in control of any situations and ready for taking any tests and caprices from her. Be careful when it comes to controlling, because striving for too much control shows your insecurity. Women tend to avoid “control freaks,” they prefer being control freaks themselves
  • Being judgmental and one who chooses. Being picky means that you are not going to have any women, only exceptional ones. She has to prove that she is deserved to be taken by you, not vice versa. Women can show endlessly their feminist side and claim that they choose men, but nature had set up things another way long ago
  • Accepting only things of highest standard while neglecting the second-rate. You have to project your selectiveness of all the things around. Either you are choosing which wine to drink, which car to drive, which music to listen or with which woman to be with at any time, the higher standards you have, or just pretend to have, the more attractive this to women. They want to be next to the “Lion King” and not next to just any sloppy monkey
  • Stance, posture, strong expressive gestures. Women watch your body language as carefully as they listen to the words you are saying to them. The real masculinity is expressed by male body being erect, chest being slightly uplifted, hips working as a moving force of the body and whole body posture being aligned. Besides being dominant traits, those body language signs show that you are being constantly sexually aware, and women cannot help but be attracted to sexual awareness
  • Leadership and willingness to risk. The real alpha-male is always ready for taking any risks required. Women love “rebels without a cause” and “easy riders.” They love men that are taking risks. Leadership assumes your high social status and higher level of intellect. The higher social status you project, the more attractive you are to women. This doesn’t mean you have to be a president of a corporation or a head of a state to get to her sexual centers, but creating an illusion of your higher social position and leadership is crucial