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Pretty Russian Brides

The Russian girls have been drawing attention of the men from all around the world during many years. Well, I guess, this is not a secret that pretty Russian brides are usually extremely beautiful. This is not said with the intention to underestimate the prettiness of the Western ladies or any other girls from different parts of the world. However, one thing remains obvious – this particular type of beauty can only be seen in Russia and its neighbouring countries, like Ukraine or Belarus. So, we can now move forward to introduce our visitors to a good story of one of the men who had registered on the http://pretty-russian-brides.com website and found his love there.

Peter Maison is a 36 years old Briton who always had bad luck with girls. You know, there is this kind of people who cannot get along with the relationships. So, our protagonist belongs to this type of men. Obviously, he tried hard to find himself his only lady, not only in Britain, but in other parts of Europe and even America, but he was still unlucky. He spent days and months brooding over the issues and trying to figure out, why it kept happening to him? Why failures were the only thing he had ever known? Here comes the crucial difference between the Western type of girls and the Russian one. This is a very important part that requires special attention, if one is interested in finding out the secret that makes it easier to get a Russian wife than a Western one.

The main difference is located in the way girls in Britain, for the sake of the argument, and Russia are brought up. The first ones learn when they are kids that the most important thing is to be independent. This does not necessarily come from the TV and movies, but also from the parents themselves. The British people are known worldwide for their extreme tendency to be free and independent, even when married. The key things that nearly every Briton tries to focus on, is to be successful in job. Thus, the girls, by looking at their parents and listening to other people, learn that the fundamental things in life are all about making money, and to make money one should prioritise it above everything else, including family. That’s the state of things in the UK and the rest of the modern Western world. Traditions and culture are no longer valuable. Everything changes drastically, if we take a closer look at Russia. Traditional values are still strong. Girls grow up, looking at warm relationships that exist between their parents. When they are little kids, the first thing they start to dream about is their future wedding. Every single Russian girl begins to plan her wedding when she is like 5 years old. This interest then leads her to analyse boys that surround her. This contributes to the development of her opinions about the males. Particularly, we refer to the kind of man she would like to see beside her in the future. The majority of the Russian girls tend to look for a man like their fathers, but this is not the same in all the cases. Further on, girls’ mothers teach them how to cook, to keep their future households, how to bring up children, etc. And even this is not the end. Russian girls are also eager to learn how to make wonderful make-up because there is a strong men deficit in Russia, so there is a lot of competition between the girls.

So, on one side, we have Peter who completely gave up on himself, thinking that happiness and family are not for him, and Katya Chulkova, a girl from a small village near Khabarovsk which is in the Far East. She was dreaming about finding an honest and modest man who will become her husband. Surprisingly, these two persons had found each other and now have three children.

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