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Romantic evening with Russian Bride

Russian Bride

To create good prerequisite for your future marriage with a Russian Bride consider learning about what is appropriate and what is not for most Russian women. Regardless of where you come from, Russian women of all ages can be pleased by some things and appalled by others. They pay very close attention on how you approach them, especially when it is your first meeting. Let’s say, you have exchanged several emails on online dating webservices and decided that it is a time to fly to her country and show your best. Follow these instructions:

Give her nice present upon meeting

A good prerequisite for any romantic evening would be a bouquet of flowers presented to a woman. Russian women adore gifts of any sort, some of them wouldn’t mind if you have presented an expensive jewelry right from the start. But we would recommend you avoiding very expensive gifts, because in the first meeting the most important thing is a communication between you two, and expensive gifts can easily blow her away for the rest of the evening. Limit yourself with a bouquet of roses and a souvenir from you homeland.

Keep open and sincere attitude

This is crucial to be yourself during a romantic evening with a Russian Bride. We assume that you were saying only truthful things about you while exchanging messages before the meeting. Russian women can become very suspicious of men who are being elusive, hiding something from them or tells them “this is not a proper time to discuss something.” Be ready to answer all your questions if your intentions for long-term relationships are serious.

Be open-minded

Russian culture of courtship is totally different from other cultures. You have to remain open to any unexpected twists and turns of the romantic evening. Do not react on anything that you can find ridiculous. Let your sense of humor work. Do not hesitate asking her what she has meant by this or that. Russian women are different from, say, Arabic women, and they will eagerly tell you what do they mean by saying this or that. It is common among Russian women to expect from men immediate understanding of their needs without any explanations. One might say that Russian girls are spoiled in general. But, that is not always true.

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Act like a perfect gentlemen

This is crucial to put up your best manners for a romantic evening with a Russian Bride. The image of Western man is that of suave, courteous, polite gentlemen who is always opening door for her, pulling up chairs, who is attentive and well-mannered. So suit to this image. You may want to consider keeping this attitude and forget about any feminist issues you may have faced in your experience with women from your native land.

Dress in a classical style

Dress like James Bond. Expensive classic suit, tie, black classical shoes. The more relaxed, American or South European styles are inappropriate for any official or romantic meetings in Russia. Be ready that woman will not be fancily dressed as well for her first meeting with you. Many Russian women want to seem humble in their manners and the style they dress for their first meeting with a man of a choice because they are more interested in showing their personality than wealth.

Always show respect for Russian culture and traditions

What have attracted you in a Russian woman in a first place? Besides being beautiful, well-shaped and intelligent, Russian women are very aware of their national traditions and culture. They cherish Russian cuisine, Russian ballet, Russian literature, Russian classical music. You do not want to show your ignorance in the peculiarities of great Russian culture. Invest a fair amount of time in studying best of the bests among Russian cultural achievements. You do not have to learn Russian language, which is a very complicated task anyway, but all the classics of Russian literature, from Pushkin to Bulgakov have been translated in English and available online. While exchanging messages with her, learn what among her own culture she values most and study relevant subjects. Sports, opera, pop music – this could be anything. She will be pleasantly surprised that she found an intelligent man who is able to appreciate her culture.

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