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Sexual foreplay

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Sex is the biggest pleasure one can experience, yet it can become a reason for disappointment as well. And the major reason for being disappointed in sex is that you cannot make your partner reach an orgasm. Popular and scientific studies show that 70 percent of women tend to simulate having an orgasm every time they are having sex with their partners. Around 15 percent of women admit that they fake orgasms from time to time. And about 10 percent said that they faked their sexual culminations at least once. Most of men would find these statistics unbelievable, but those are facts. Men and women can enrich greatly their sexual experiences with masterful techniques of sexual foreplay. Both male and female sexual experiences enhances dramatically once man knows how to make woman have an orgasm.

Men tend to take female orgasm as a given

Most men think that to make her reach orgasm, it is sufficient to insert a penis into vagina and have a sexual intercourse. Men think that since woman shows signs of having a pleasurable exciting experience she would reach an orgasm eventually. But that is not so.

Experienced men are usually good in sexual foreplay. They can make woman feel exciting frenzy, but when it comes to actual intercourse, most men think only about themselves. If man doesn’t understand how to make sexual intercourse pleasurable for both sides, woman will very soon become bored and will start to look for sexual satisfactions elsewhere. Most women will tell they are satisfied with their sexual lives just to keep male self–esteem. And men do not suspect anything. It’s not a men’s fault after all, he cannot possibly know all the nuances of female physiology and psychology. But this could be a good idea if men had invested some time in studying peculiarities of women’s responses to various sexual techniques. You may want to consider learning how to play games and surrender to women’s sexual initiatives in order to help her reach an orgasm. Those satisfactions you will allow her to have will pay you back a great deal in your future relationships and will help your partnership last long and healthy.

Teasing your partner is a prerequisite for reach sexual experience

Women like when strong hands gently stroke their bodies. Start your sexual exercise with light massage, slowly caressing her body with your fingers all over. Spend several minutes touching all her body except breasts and genitals. Then caress her breast without touching her nipples. This way you will spark a desire in her for touching her nipples. You are teasing her. After that you can gently touch her nipples and make circular movements around them. Use you tongue and lick nipples slightly. By that time she will be all bursting and heated up with an inside desire. It is important to not go at this stage for her clit and do not make rough pawing of her breasts - this rude gestures would lessen her desire.

Continuing foreplay and getting to the next stage

You haven’t invested so much effort just to waste it, so do not go directly for intercourse, play a bit more. Put a head of your penis to her labia - lips of her genitals and gently rub her. This will make her aware of your penis ready for entering her inside, to open up her gates letting you in. At this stage she will probably verbally ask you to enter her, but tease her some more. You are in complete control of the situation, and whatever she says, she loves it. Women love all things unexpected, including the moment when you will actually start putting your penis inside her.

Only when you see that she has nearly reached clitoral orgasm, you can start entering her vagina. Do not go full length inside her, move in for a couple of centimeters in and out, and do it very slowly and gently, as if playing. You are in complete control of a situation. After some time start pushing further in, almost at full length, but not full. The thing is, when you have your penis at full length inside her vagina, penis is contacting her clit, and you don’t want it... yet. It is still a teasing stage, a foreplay. The more you tease her the bigger and more explosive her orgasm will be. Make sure you invest enough time and effort in your sexual exercises and you will have the most rewarding sex experience.