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Sexual interaction with women

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Most men approach sexual interaction with women in such a way that it makes women resisting and rejecting those approaches. Women ultimately often decide against any physical interaction with a man who approached sexually in improper manner. Those improper physical approaches include touching a woman way to early, groping her right after the kissing, and otherwise betraying whole misunderstanding of mechanisms of female sexual arousal

What is the proper physical approach to a woman?

How man is to know when he can start approach her physically without hurting her? Should he wait till she will tell him “Are you going to touch me or not?” Of course not. The trick is to see whole physical approach from a different perspective. Consider classical golden rule of salesmanship - always concentrate on needs of a buyer and do not even show a buyer that you have your own needs. Show buyer how your product will help him satisfy his needs. With sexual needs it is exactly the same. You have to demonstrate that you understand whole process of sexual communication and you are aware every moment what is going on. You have complete control over your functions and over the process of sexual interaction. And, most importantly, you possess the ability of turning a woman on sexually without explicit verbal sexual references or touching her. When she will be actually turned on she will feel that whole sexual idea was hers, not yours and she will initiate physical attributes of sexual approach - touches, gestures and explicitly sexual talk. Then there will be no resistance and rejection on her part.

Move step-to-step

When you move step-to-step in approaching a woman physically it shows her that you are completely in control of situation, you are sexually aware. Better still use “two step forward, one step back.” It will demonstrate even more control on your part. Teasing her sexually is also channeling of your controlling abilities. As if you are keeping mindset “I could make love to you right now, but I prefer not to.” If you know how to amplify woman’s sexual arousal from step-to-step you will make eventual sexual interaction way more powerful, passionate and intense than anything else both of you have ever experienced. She will be completely blown away, unable to control herself.

Make sure you keep more or less with following progression in physical approach to women:

- In the beginning of interaction sit from her far apart

- Start with light massage of her hands

- Take massage oil and start massaging her hands further upwards, then stop and lean back

- Give her a hand as if you want to hold her hand, and when she gives it to you, take your hand back, as if you don’t want her touching you

- Massage her shoulders for a while

- Make light massaging stokes of her neck and shoulders, as if gently caressing them

- Then hug her gently, like cuddling, and make her feel comfortable

- Smell her neck and comment positively on her smell. Relax for a while

- Then smell her neck for a longer time, as if you are about to bite her

- If you see she is almost all prepared, make a move like kissing her, but, at the same time, keep smelling and lightly touching her in non-genital areas

- Run your fingers in the places where seams of her clothing are, pull up a little her clothes, as if teasing

- Kiss her in a very deep manner, pull her close to you as much as possible

- Stop and take a little break, better even leaving the room with an excuse, like taking a bathroom or getting some water. Leave her alone for a couple of minutes

- Set a proper romantic mood by turning on atmospheric music, killing off bright lights and turning on soft diffused lamps, etc.

- Start kissing her again and start to move her simultaneously in various sexual positions

- If she lies on her stomach pull her hair gently

- When she's completely hot and bothered, test to see if she's comfortable being touched between the legs by putting your hand near her crotch, but not on it for a few minutes, then taking it away. Repeat. Touch her breasts through her clothes, and gently pinch her nipples. Reach down, and unbutton her top pants button, and put your fingers down the front of her panties... Touch her down there, and then put your finger in both of your mouths as you're kissing

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