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Territory of female emotions


Women have quality of internalizing external events. The take all the outside information in and process incoming data with layers of emotional processors. The world outside exists only insofar as to add some information about her emotional systems, her beliefs, her existence. Men, on the contrary, tend to ignore deeper emotional structuring, and just move from one external event to the other, as if watching an action show. The good comparison of men’s and women’s perception of the world would be of how men and women “see” the passing car. Men see a moving object, a distance, they calculate the speed, they recognize the brand of the car. Women see the color, the shape, and, most importantly, who is inside the car and what is going on between those who are inside.

Women always want more

The things that women want, contrary to popular opinion, are not material. She demands more and more from the world outside and from her man. She doesn’t want those material things like brilliants, fancy cars, ant trips to faraway lands. She wants to enrich her emotional world. She might not even realize it herself, but things are lucrative for her insofar as they will trigger her deeper emotional experiences.

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She is not satisfied with experiencing merely one emotion; she wants to have a cascade of emotions. If you are communicating emotion to a woman, make her experience several of them until you get to the stage where she feels something she has never experienced before.

Emotions are malleable, volatile, and endless, just like language itself. Every emotion is a promise of a new reward and enrichment of the inner life. Men, on the other hand, always are striving for more, but actually for something quite more tangible as opposed to intangible - men simply want new career place, more money, more power, more women to have.

Let’s say you talk to a woman and mention “contentment,” try to elaborate on the emotional overtones of the subject, enrich your vocabulary with terms like “overwhelming, overflowing stream of passion.” As weird as the last example sound for the most men, it can be very fulfilling for woman’s ear. Lead from one emotion being elicited by this phrase in a woman to the next. Say “overwhelming, overflowing stream of passion is a wondrous thing… now you are imagining more intense feeling of deeper passion.” With addition of a word “deeper” you have put whole her experience on the next level and she will start to imagine deeper things literally.

You create rapport with women by interpreting events through the lens of emotional abstraction. Talk as if your emotions drive your perceptions - as if your emotions are the real world, and the physical world is something far away and not very important.

Women treat their emotions like physical places

The outside world for women is full of hidden locked places that have emotions hidden inside them. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, have pointed out and elaborated on a special role of perception by woman of her genitals as hidden, locked, unknowable objects, which cannot be possibly conceived even by their close sexual partners. Women are susceptible to various card tricks, fortune tellers and exotic places because those are keepers of a messages and keys about women’s hidden emotional spaces. Seems like women all their lives are getting through elaborate and intricate quest for uncovering new territories and landscapes inside them. They want to learn about their unexplored potential and inner depth. The structure of female genitals, the deepness of her vagina is in harmony with her feelings about the world outside. If you are able to communicate with her about those “unspeakable,” “unreachable” territories inside her, those that nobody have ever managed to disclose, she will be all attention and ready to explore them with you.

How to enter women’s emotional places

Have you ever heard woman saying things like “We are not in the proper place right now,” “We are on a different wavelengths,” “I feel like I am not in the right space.” Emotions, including those that support sexual arousal, are very spatial for women, they are encompassing her. Her emotional space will frame all her experience. If you want to induce sexual emotions and feelings inside a woman you have to describe your desired experience in spatial terms.

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