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Texting and emailing women

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When talking to a woman offline, whether using online dating website chats or texting her messages via mobile phones, it is crucial to keep her intrigued and interested until you actually meet in real life. Woman who is talking to you offline for the first time doesn’t know anything about you and cannot see your body languageties, which is a very telling language for most women.

We put lists of successful techniques and strategies which you may want to consider while texting or emailing her. Also, we made a list of typical “failure cases,” those that do not allow your relationships progress further than a couple of messages.

Most men fail at texting or emailing because:

- Sending messages that are too “nice”

- Texting via phone lengthy messages and writing long mails, while women are being concise

- Saying way too much

- Trying to have a real conversation via texts or emails instead of saving the talk for the future meeting in real life

- Following woman’s flow of conversation and answering her questions

- Not asking her to meet in real life for any activities (going somewhere together, having cup of coffee, etc.)

- Not trying to really learn who the woman is

- Not including her in your responses in messages.

Women love to be involved in everything around them. Try to include her role in your messages, even in humorous or creative way. Anything would be better than impersonal messages

- Not writing “respondable” texts. For instance, is she is writing you “What are you up to nowadays?” do not just shoot her back “I am busy with my school/ job/ art,” write something like “I am busy with my current project; it is so intriguing that reminds me of you.” You will see that she will immediately respond you back “In which way it reminds you of me?”

- Writing too rationalized and full of senses messages. Logic is the enemy of attraction

- Being always available and in reach when woman writes you

- Writing messages in boring style. Use more punctuation, sometimes all caps, sometimes misspelled in a funny way. Use more adjectives and descriptions. Try to match feelings you have with a meaning of a message

- Messaging “Ok.” It’s just an utter failure. Always add something to your “ok”

- Seeking an approval

- Complaining on something

- Criticizing something

- Always agreeing on everything she is demanding instead of putting yourself as a challenge

Men succeed in attracting women via texting or emailing, when they are:

- Writing concise, witty and funny messages that induce her emotions

- Writing messages that was meant to bust her up

- Not answering her questions, but leading the conversation

- Not seeking approval or praise

- Setting themselves as a challenge for a woman

- Telling a woman what they are up to and suggesting woman to participate in these activities. Never “inviting” or asking a woman to do something, i.e. writing messages like “Hey I am going out, want to have some fun?” or “Please join me in the bar tonight”

- Being bantering and mischievous in a playful way: leaving messaging exchange on a high not without explanation. Instead of shooting back immediately, they respond her after several hours or just abruptly end a conversation

- Projecting a high social status which implies that they are busy with their life and woman is free to either catch up with them or let go

- Knowing how to have fun and be sociable so women wouldn’t have a needy feeling

- Projecting a sense of adventure and full of excitement life via messages

- Being mysterious and elusive, never saying directly what they are up to, where they live, what are their relationships at the moment

- Ending exchange of message either by saying “Talk to you later” or “See ya in a while,” or with just a dead air, assuming no further responses are required

- Appearing to have a very high value and self-esteem. Do you really think James Bond would have a time for messaging back and forth forever or responding immediately after seeing her message? The busier you are with interesting, intriguing and mysterious life full of adventures you lead the more important you automatically become. Your time is very valuable and every second of your time you are dedicating to a woman should be a gift to her