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The ideal man all women want to be with

ideal,women,want to,be with

Feminine psyche hasn’t changed much since Neanderthal days of hunters and gatherers. So the ideal of a guy to be with hasn’t changed for girls. They all want surrender to the guy who they see is possessing having certain qualities.

  1. Guy has to be independent
  2. Guy has a goal in his life
  3. Guy has to be persistent when facing obstacles
  4. Guy has to be superior to her and everyone else around
  5. Guys has to combine “coldness” and “warmness,” that is, he has to alternate between these two polar qualities

Let’s elaborate on these qualities to understand better how girls see “the ideal guy” to be with.


The real hero is independent. Independent to such an extent that he doesn’t need a woman beside him. That sounds like paradox, but girls tend to follow those guys that are elusive and always mind their own business, and not to be with guys who pay all the attention to her. Independent guy often rejects girls not only overtly, but in subtler ways as well. He is always half-turned to her, not facing her directly, he tends to move away out of her reach. His facial expression and his voice often deliver message “Girls are not good enough for me,” “You are of little importance, I can live without you.”

Real guy has a goal in his life

Real hero chooses what to do with his life and his time early on and always persistent in achieving his goals. Those bigger things and goals are way more important for him than presence of a beautiful girl beside him. She can stay or she can go- he wouldn’t care much for that. Whatever she has contrived to hold him with her wouldn’t work. If girl works really hard, if she is proving that she is worth it, maybe she has a small chance for being with him.

Best guys are always ready for any challenges

Nothing can stop the real man in achieving his goals in life. Whatever obstacles on his way, he will overcome them. The real man always knows where and why he goes. This quality is irresistible for girls, for they need somebody who has his way and is able to determine not only his life but hers as well.

Her guy has to be superior to her and everyone else around

The true hero is bigger and more special than his girl. He will never worship her, he is rather can hold her for a while beside him and share his superior position. In reality she can only dream about being closer to his throne. Real guy always puts his aims and his goal in this life on the first place, not her. Women always tend to be drawn to those men who are superior than them, more experienced, more powerful and have overall high social status.

Guys has to combine “coldness” and “warmness”

The best guys are always challenge girls. Girls in return not only feel rejected, they seem to enjoy this perpetual state of undermined confidence. They are hooked on those guys who are saying always to them “It’s too bad you are not like girl I used to know.” When she is challenged like that she will often die to prove that she is worth it. The most important aspect of being a challenge for the best guy is to combine blasting passion with remoteness and coldness. If you make her feel that she is around passionate, exciting guy who is able to give her great moment of shared passion and thrills, and, at the same time, keeps silent and remote otherwise she will be at the best of her emotional powers to be with you. Use silence in combination with a direct eye contact, this will exude magnetic power on her. She will be processing and filling in all the previous emotional investment you showed her. And the more she is processing the more she is convincing herself that she had immeasurably high thrills, her emotional life was at peak. She is full of romantic fantasies and she will impose them on you. Induce in her only strong negative or positive feeling. That explains why girls tend to prefer “bad boys” or troubled men. The answer is simple - bad boys are not boring to be around with. Their life is exciting and they give their girls part of thrills they are experiencing.

All that being said, if you ask any girl if she finds that combination of qualities attractive in guys, she will surely say –“No, it’s the worst type.” She will say that she prefers nice, kind and tender boys. But she will be lying, for that is what society forces her to answer on questions like this.