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The power of sexual attraction

The power of sexual attraction

Sexual attraction doesn’t make any logical sense. Learning how to sexually attract women is like learning new language, different from common language that consists only of words. In fact, women speak this language of attraction fluently. It can be stated that this is their native language, one that evolution forced them to develop. While males have millions of options for reproduction, for women it’s different. Lengthy process of courting, conceiving a child, then carrying a child, then taking care of the child is always in a back of women’s mind when they are approached by men. Not that women are consciously thinking of the consequences of possible sexual behavior, it’s rather thinking processes that bypass their left hemispheres and go on only in right hemispheres.

Social persona and inner personality

As social creatures, we all, women and men, have strongly developed “social personality,” which we have developed to present us in front of other members of society. Social personality serves us a shell protecting from possible negative interactions with other people like mockery, abuse or humiliation. This social personality follows the common rules of accepted manners and etiquette; it is the equivalent of what Sigmund Freud called “Super-Ego.” It works as a shield protecting our deeper, inner personality from revealing itself too much.

The inner side of our personality is storage for our primal needs and desires, such as food, acceptance, survival and, of course, sexual appetite. This inner part of our personality corresponds to something that Sigmund Freud in his seminal psychoanalytical theory called “Id.”

The trick of sexual attraction is getting through social self and talking directly to inner personality, where sexual desires are residing. If you know how to speak to woman’s “inner side” she will be sexually attracted to you and will not control her desires.

From evolution to sexual behavior

Over several billion of years males and females have been developing through totally different routes as far as sexual consciousness, attraction and behavior are concerned. These differences have become accumulated in our unconsciousness and subconsciousness and work as powerful machines affecting our choices.

Men produce hundreds of millions of sperm substance, however, only one percent of sperm will fertilize a woman and the rest goes as a weapon in competition with other males for a main prize - a woman. However cynical or misogynistic it may sound, most women are willing to cheat on their long-term husband or partner in any given moment of their lives. Ten percent of people are estimated to have a different father than they think.

The reason for that is that women are designed to cheat by their own nature. Their sexual desire reaches a maximum level during an ovulation. If woman has a sexual affair she will most probably have sex with her lover that her legitimate husband or partner in the period of ovulation.

What is even more interesting is that women tend to have orgasms while making love to their lovers and not their long-term partners. This explains why women often get pregnant by lovers.

Even though these behaviorist traits are being treated by rational consciousness, one simply cannot deny their crucial influence on both male and female sexual attractiveness.

From animal kingdom to human sexual behavior

Animals do not speak languages yet they are able to communicate sexual attraction to the species of their kind. Watch any series of “Animal Planet” and see how efficient courtship and sexual communication can be without using human language and special trainings in attracting females. Interestingly, human beings are able to sexually communicate to their kin species in exactly the same way animals do.

What makes human attraction different is the unique ability of our minds to be as sexually attractive as our smells, natural colors and bodily shapes. Human beings are able to produce sexually attractive poetry, art and humorous messages. Those mind abilities only need to be “tuned up” with sexual perception mechanisms in female minds to make you an irresistible with a sole power of your mental skills.