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What all girls want to experience


Girls are much more complex creatures than guys when it comes to dating and following sexual interaction. They have distinct set of criteria that must be met in order to progress successfully in dating. If you fail to deliver something that would make her feel that all the prerequisites for successful dating are in place, she will quickly lose her interest in you.

Those main criteria can be described as follows:

  1. Physical safety
  2. Emotional and spiritual connection with a guy
  3. Mutual trust
  4. Fate
  5. Being surrendered to the force more powerful than herself
  6. Large spectrum of emotions that are sparkled from your interaction

Physical safety and physical vulnerability

Girl are always making sure they will be physically safe and sound in the end of interaction with guys. Guys are stronger than girls by definition. That is why girls often take their brothers or male friends when they go to nightclubs looking for a date. As contradictory as it sounds, it makes perfect sense when you think of safety issues. They just want to be rid of all weirdos, abusers and drunks who they possibly could meet on the road to successful date.

It is crucial to always remind her that it is a safe to be with you anytime, that you will never take advantage of her being weaker than you are.

Emotional and spiritual connection with a guy

It is important for a girl to have some sort of connection with a guy, not just external common things shared, but those things that get deeper. She will be eager to date you if you listen to the same music she is listening to, not because she values your taste, but because she feels connected to you on deeper levels, those that are being reached via music.

Mutual trust

Girls want to make sure they are with a reliable partner. They often see their dates as “partners in crime.” They do not want uncomfortable consequences of your possible sexual affair. That is why girls tend to turn their backs right from the start on those guys who lies or shows signs they could possibly lie in the future. Girls want to make sure whole town will not be talking about what she has done, because sex is a more selective and important thing for girls than for boys and girls rarely brag about it. Reversely, when women feel hurt after sexual affair, they often take their revenge in the form of spreading a word how ugly and bad guys are, without realizing they are making quite a publicity for a guy. Because for guys and his friends it is just opposite - the more women he gets the higher his social role among his mates.


Fate, or destiny is particularly important for girls because sex is such a meaningful thing in their lives, that they tend to put responsibility for that act on some external force, rather than admitting it was all her fault. That is where destiny and fate comes. Sex has just happened, it was so powerful that she couldn’t help but succumb to it. This also corresponds to feminine beliefs in mystic powers. Girls think that when something unplanned and unprepared happened, it is of more value than rational things in life.

Surrender to the force more powerful than herself

Tightly connected with a power of fate for girls is a power of a stronger guy. At least stronger than she is. But ideally her man must be stronger than any man around. She wants to surrender not to just anybody, but to “knight in shining armor.” That explains why girls are often testing men, as if forcing guys to prove that they are the best. She just can’t afford to be with someone who is not constantly overwhelming, more powerful than her. That is why she “chose” to be with him, to have sex with him in the first place. Women tend to feel that, however strong they are, there is some outside force that even stronger.

Large spectrum of emotions from interaction with men

Only strong force can give girl the desired comfort in exploring her inner emotional world. Women like to play on all the keys of their emotional claviers. They want to feel sad, happy, wistful, immediate, humiliated and wanted. And often simultaneously. If you only bring smile and laughs, or sense of stability, it will not be enough and she will quickly become bored. She will feel that she is not “developing” and not “being challenged.” And she will start looking for a new guy who is capable to provide her proper environment for her emotional development.